Epic Games now offers Fortnite game via Google Play Store


Over two years after its launch as a mobile app, Fortnite is finally available for everyone to download from the Google Play Store. Epic Games, the makers of the app, have since preferred to host the mobile game through their website, as the company didn’t want to give Google 30% revenue for app downloads. But it looks like the creators have finally given up on the prospect of Google accepting a lower discount and decided it was best to make the game available through the App Store itself.

However, Epic Games, through its official statement, quoted in an XDA Developers report, clearly believes that Google is making life difficult for any developer trying to launch its app outside of its App Store ecosystem. The search giant has repeatedly informed its users that downloading apps from a third-party app store or website could make them vulnerable to malware attacks, and Google will not be held liable. responsible for such events.

“Google disadvantages downloadable software outside of Google Play through technical and business measures such as scary and repetitive security pop-ups for downloaded and updated software, as well as characterization of third-party software sources as malware,” Epic Game was cited in the report.

The company then mentions that working in such an atmosphere forced them to offer the app through Google Play Store, while continuing to provide the download link of the app through its website as well.

Google and Apple, with their respective app stores, have acquired a certain duopoly, which forces developers to give in to their demands, and Epic Games is the latest to comply with their policies. But the company hopes that one day Google will revise its policies and allow everyone in the ecosystem to have their hands free, and let them connect with consumers through their own platforms, instead of relying solely on Google. or Apple for it.

Google’s dominance was underscored many times, especially when the ban on the US-China trade deal meant that Huawei and its devices could no longer use (Google’s) Android as their platform. operation. This required Huawei to work on its own Android ecosystem, which was difficult for the Chinese telecommunications and device player to achieve.


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