Epic Games is bringing Rocket League’s RLCS to Fortnite


Epic Games is rolling out an epic esports crossover as they bring the Rocket League Championship Series to Fortnite. From August 9-14, you will be able to play on a special Rocket League map while watching live esports in-game. With the map affected, it will change the game depending on which team wins. You can pick up special items along the way for the event, only while it is running. A brief note from the last blog shows you how to apply the special island inside Fortnite (Code: 8205-6994-2065, or via the “Discover” page).

Credit: Epic Games

It’s a little different this time around, but more is at stake, as every Rocket League match will end with a Team Rumble through the audience, that’s you! Before a game, select the Rocket League team you’ll be taking over. You gain power over the real world of Rocket League. The more teams in your job, the more power-ups! Bonuses are granted automatically based on what you have seen in Rocket League. Power-ups aren’t the only perk. Once a Rocket League match ends, Team Rumble begins. The contest winner will upgrade, as long as they stand up. (Note: When you leave the island, your power-ups drop and you don’t have the same weapons as that.)

Complete special quests, available on the quests page while surfing the Rocket League Live island. In-game rewards benefit Fortnite:

  • Get the ball, get the goal.
  • Regal Rocket Glider: The original antenna.
  • I have a good shot. emoticon
  • Golden Goal Spray.

During Worlds Rocket League Live, you can receive Rocket League rewards by entering the code “RocketLeagueLive” in-game.

  • Non runner banner.
  • Hustle Brow Topper.
  • Aeromotor Aggos
  • IRL. RCMP theme anthem.


  • Open Rocket League (selected items are only available in Rocket League).
  • Go to the “Settings” section of Rocket League.
  • Select “Extras”.
  • Select “Exchange Clubs”.
  • Enter the code “RocketLeague Live”.
  • This code will give you all of the items listed above in Rocket League.

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