Epic Games Adds Another Virtual Influencer To The Fortnite Game – Janky


Epic Games has made this new virtual Fortnite influencer available in the Fortnite store now and the name is Janky.

Fortnite has a penchant for adding new characters to the game from time to time. Last season we saw the addition of Guggimon, a rather creepy bunny creature who also happened to be a virtual influencer. Guggimon has millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok. The character was created by a company called Superplastic. Superplastic has already worked with big names like Gorillaz.

Now, after Guggimon, Superplastic is bringing one more character to the battle royale. This new character is called Janky. Janky is a streetwear cat (that’s how The Verge describes him). From the photos, Janky has a very retro taste in sweaters and is wearing an equally retro helmet that looks like it was stolen from Captain America’s closet. There is also another accessory that comes with Janky, a pair of fishbones that could be Janky’s weapon or accessory of choice. Janky is available in the Fortnite store now, so go ahead and add the feline to the troop.

To be fair, the addition of characters like Janky and Guggimon isn’t surprising since Fortnite’s metaverse continues to grow to include pop culture facets like sports, music, and superheroes. Fortnite’s hugely popular virtual concerts saw Marshmellow and Ariana Grande join in collaboratively. And of course, there are a bunch of Marvel superheroes running around. There was also talk of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s character joining the team.

All of this being the norm in Fortnite, the addition of some CG characters who “team up with Gucci and do NFT drops of Christie” isn’t all that surprising. It’s also part of a growing trend of virtual influencers moving beyond social media platforms into areas like press conferences, music videos and physical installations.


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