CEO of game maker “Fortnite” Epic denounces movement of child sexual abuse photos on Apple iPhone, calls it “spyware”


Apple has revealed that it could examine users’ iPhones and search for photos of child abuse when uploaded to iCloud in an effort to root out this horrific online crime. However, while the attempt to fix this issue was on the agenda of all tech majors, this move by Apple has been criticized by others as it is likely to cause them more trouble. The first to react was the head of WhatsApp Will Cathcart, then Fortnite Epic Games CEO, game creator Tim Sweeney.

What did Apple do? Apple on Thursday launched various tools to reduce the spread of child pornography (CSAM). This will introduce changes in iMessage, Siri and Search which would allow scanning of iCloud photos to search for known CSAM images and thus help protect children online.

The first to launch an attack on Apple was WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart. Without mince words, he slammed Apple for the move and even released the letter from Apple chief Tim Cook to customers saying the iPhone maker would never allow any outside agency to look into what lies. on user gadgets. Now Apple was doing the opposite, he said.

WhatsApp has faced government pressure to decrypt its fully encrypted messaging system so governments can see what users are sending in an attempt to end extremist activity and test those causing social strife. WhatsApp has said no to such efforts, but Apple is clearly looking to be more flexible even though it says it would never allow anything other than child abuse photos to be analyzed.

Apple’s move is likely to cause governments to put more pressure on WhatsApp to follow suit.

However, after WhatsApp, it is the turn of the popular Fortnite Epic Games CEO, online game creator Tim Sweeney steps forward and pulls a full broadside against Apple. Sweeney said Apple’s decision on child safety initiatives would pave the way for governments to conduct oversight.

Sweeney took to Twitter and said, “I’ve gone to great lengths to see this from Apple’s point of view. personal data and report them to the government ”.

“But that’s people’s private data,” Sweeney protested in his Twitter thread.

Sweeney even dissected the Apple system in his tweet: “Apple’s dark patterns that turn on iCloud downloads by default, and turn it back on when switching to a new phone or switching accounts, makes the problem worse. Plus, in many contexts, Apple has forced people to accumulate unwanted data, such as with mandatory iCloud email accounts. “

He added: “Although Apple has since changed the signup flow, many have been forced to take on at-icloud-dot-com email accounts that cannot be deleted without losing everything that has already been purchased. in the Apple ecosystem. It’s iCloud, it probably will be. monitored by the police. “

Sweeney went so far as to tweet something even more damning: “So it can be assumed that Apple will now be a state watchdog wherever it is needed. This is already the case in China:”

Sweeney also accused Apple of manipulating public opinion and of presuming guilty people, “The calls to” if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear from this surveillance “and” think of the children “will reach a climax, seeking to manipulate public sentiment at this critical time, garnering support from a presumed guilt and lacking due process. ” – Hindustan Times, New Delhi / Tribune News Service


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