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Play a horror-comedy based experience

Fortnite users can now play a game based on BBC Three’s horror comedy Wreck.

The experiment was carried out as part of Fortnite Creative, which allows everyone to design their own missions.

The Wreck game places players in a murder mystery aboard the Sacramentum cruise ship, just like in the TV series. They are assigned to a faction and must complete their tasks while avoiding being eliminated. Meanwhile, a detective on board must find out who the hunter is and send him to the brig before it’s too late.

BBC Three controller Fiona Campbell said: “We’re always looking for creative new ways to push BBC Three into whole new territory, so it’s been a real pleasure to expand the world of Wreck into Fortnite.”

Noemi Spanos, program makers Euston Films, added: “The tone of the show absolutely lends itself to high-octane play and the cruise ship is the perfect confined setting for indoor play. We can’t wait for players to join us.

To enter the Murder Mystery – Sacramentum Slasher experience, head to Fortnite Creative and enter the code 5423-3686-4108 in the Discover tab.

A promotional campaign for the game will be launched with a live Twitch session with

streamers Talia Mar, Gee Nelly and Freya Nightingale at 8 p.m. tomorrow.

The game was conceived by ITV-backed studio Metaverse, whose managing director Rhys Hancock said: “This dynamic cross-platform campaign is laser-focused on helping the BBC develop deeper relationships with more challenging native game audiences. to reach where they spend their time.”

Published: October 24, 2022


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