Atlas Creative brings Alienwares Defy City to Fortnite


The game was developed by Fortnite as a tower defense and Battle Royale game. It quickly became a platform for the creation of an art world and the art world. In InsideFortniteCreative, teams like Atlas Creative could partner with brands to create amazing new worlds. The latest is from the Alienware online store, called Defy City.

According to a press release, Defy City will be available on October 15, when players can visit the city and enjoy the benefits of many visitors. Some games players can look forward to include High-Gravity One Shot Sniper, Parkour, Free-for-all, and Laser Tag, all allowing players to go to the next gate in the new town.

The image is picked up by Epic Games.

After the event goes live, Alienware will welcome its competitor Team Liquid, which will be broadcasting from the new city. The game selection page will feature the game name on November 7 in Fortnite. Six episodes will continue the week after its release, then next year in April 2023. Defy City will also have new challenges, as well as map development.

For those interested in upcoming Alienwares products, gamers can easily access the Aurora 15, a new tower that the company says is highly anticipated. While it’s unclear what it is, there will be eggs that have been seen in Easter Eggs.

Players wishing to view the map can do so using the island code: 4073-6205-5754.

It’s just the latest in a uniquely branded design from Atlas Creative, an initiative created to get paid to create new worlds in Fortnite.


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