Armani Beauty Jumps Into The Metaverse With A Maze-Shaped Fortnite Game


Armani Beauty has entered the metaverse by releasing “Rewrite the Code” in Fortnite, inspired by the new Armani Code Perfume. Embodied by British actor Regé-Jean Page, this avant-garde Armani Code fragrance is meant to embody the essence of modern masculinity.

Players race through maze-like speed races in the metaverse to collect the code numbers needed to unlock the Armani Code building, access the Armani Code Parfum bottle, and use its magnetic power to rewrite the code. Each speed run is an immersive mini-game, featuring a different ingredient taken from the olfactory composition of Armani Code Parfum.

The first speed run takes place in the middle of the day. Players race through the city streets making huge jumps and dodging obstacles left in their path. After reaching the teleportal, players will be transported to a mysterious souk. Here they will have to search for the iris flower to unlock two code numbers.

The second Speed ​​Race sees players navigating a maze-like underwater structure. After reaching the teleportal, players will be transferred to a treehouse, surrounded by giant cedars. If players find the Cedar Wood Factory, it will reveal another secret two-digit code, aiding them in their quest to unlock the entrance to the Armani Code building.

To reach the end of the third Speed ​​Run, players will have to drive through the city at night, jump across rooftops and dodge helicopters to reach the teleportal that will transport them to a rustic French cottage. In this provincial setting, players will need to find the wise ingredient to reveal the code numbers that will help them unlock the Armani Code building.

At the end of each speed run, players receive a two-digit code. Once they have completed all of the sprints, players will then need to race backwards to the start of the sprint to return to the yard. There they will enter the two-digit codes. Once players have entered all three codes, they will be able to reset time to its correct direction, forward.

Additionally, Armani Beauty will also leverage influencer activation, including local livestreams with in-game influencers as well as media amplification to promote its metaverse. The spokesperson said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that the Metaverse is an opportunity to reach and engage Gen Z audiences in an authentic and unique way.

The new Armani Code Perfume is designed as a statement bottle with a unique rounded square shape, the new Armani Code bottle is refillable, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

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