Amicide hosts a show for the Fortnite gaming event


rapper amide will be the first Brazilian to perform in fortnite. The musician playsseries of sound waves“, an event which will also include performances from Egypt Mohamed hamakio, for the Australian ton and mejapanese milf General Hoshino, among others.

The news was announced by epic games This week. “Last year, I made my first partnership with Fortnite, when I played DJ Beat Box, the rap radio announcer inside the game. At that time, there was already an urge to do something big in our mind,Amicida said in a press release.

Amicida will be the first Brazilian to participate in the Games (Image: DISCLOSURE)

Fiotti and I played so much in our forties that people called us. There are many possibilities within Fortnite and we are already thinking about how to create a unique experience for the masses.“, Continue.

The event takes place this Friday (1st) from 3 p.m. Upcoming performances have yet to reveal their dates. According to Epic Games,Each show will have its own interactive experience.Players can participate in the event by entering the “Our Musical Performance” or “Picture-in-Picture Mode” Battle Royale Match List, which is available at certain times during the event and accessed through the settings.

Recall that Amicida already had the music for the FIFA15 soundtrack and also produced a special track for Max Payne 3, a 2012 game from Rockstar (GTA, Red Dead Redemption), based in the city of So Paulo. is installed in.

By the way, the rapper was nominated for the 2021 International Emmy with the project.AmarElo: That’s all for tomorrow“. Available at Netflix, the documentary is about the historical spectacle that the rapper created in 2019 at the Theatro Municipal in So Paulo.

The work was nominated in the Artistic Programming category. On social networks, the artist celebrated this news. “we agree indicated love amyhe celebrated, still using a heart emoji.

The documentary also explains the past and present of Brazilian society based on black culture. Also on Netflix, Amicida released the show in its entirety, which included tracks from the album.YellowAnd songs such as “Boa Esperanca”, “Pantera Negra”, “Jose Sedo”, “Levanta a Enda” and “A Chapa Quent”.

The project rivals the productions ”Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words“from the United Kingdom,”Nakamura-Ya Family 2020 Matemashita! Kankuro Shichinosuke Shiren in Kasai no Makuke SP “, from Japan, and”by Kubrick“, of France.

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