A new free-to-play ‘Minecraft’ game has just been unveiled, and it’s inspired by the hugely popular phenomenon ‘Pokémon Go’

  • There’s a new “Minecraft” game coming, and it’s a very popular twist on the franchise.
  • The game is called “Minecraft Earth” – a nod to the central concept of the game, which promises to bring the world of “Minecraft” to life.
  • Like “Pokémon Go” before it, “Minecraft Earth” is a free-to-play smartphone-only game intended for players to explore the world around them.
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The next big game “Minecraft” costs nothing, only exists on smartphones, and brings the blockbuster building game to the world around you.

Microsoft on Friday unveiled “Minecraft Earth” – an upcoming smartphone game that intends to do for “Minecraft” what “Pokémon Go” did for “Pokémon”. The game is expected to come to iOS and Android smartphones this year, with a closed beta to begin with.

In “Minecraft Earth”, the world of “Minecraft” enters the real world through your smartphone.

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This pig, for example:

Or all that little space sitting on a dining room table:

Microsoft promises “Minecraft Earth” players will “collect resources, battle mobs, and earn experience points” – and the game can even be played with friends in co-op.

The idea seems to be that by exploring real-life locations and collecting resources, you’ll be able to create creations that can then be placed in reality.

Here’s how the game announcement describes what you do in “Minecraft Earth”:

“Step out into the real world to find small clusters of blocks, chests, or mobs called Tappables. As you walk, you’ll also find Adventures, which are small slices of “Minecraft” worlds that you play in life-size AR – your sidewalk becomes a mine where there may be diamonds under your feet, or your local park may have “Minecraft” trees where skeletons lurk, ready for a skirmish.”

In “Pokémon Go”, the Pokémon actually appear on the screen of your smartphone. The same applies in “Minecraft Earth”, but instead of pocket monsters, it focuses on displaying your creations. Instead of tapping on gym slots for Pokéballs, you tap on “Tappables” to build resources.

There’s no set release date for “Minecraft Earth” yet, but it should arrive at some point this year.

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