120 console FPS, new weapons and more


The first Fortnite Season 5 content update has arrived, bringing a whole host of exciting changes.

It’s hard to believe that two weeks have passed since our epic battle with Galactus. As we prepare for the holiday season, patch v15.10 drops with some new festive features.

Operation: Snow

This year’s version of Winterfest, codenamed Operation: Snowdown, is expected to launch later this week. Along with a Christmas loading screen and a few icy LTMs, expect a full list of challenges to complete.

Completing these missions will earn you a bunch of snowy cosmetics, including the free Snowmando and Frost Squad outfits. It also looks like the lower right portion of the map could end up covered in snow.

New articles

Two new exotic weapons have been introduced. Speak to NPC Blaze to get your hands on the Dragon’s Breath Sniper. If you’d rather stay cool under pressure, Snowmando’s special launcher, named “The Big Chill”, launches a barrage of chill grenades at your enemies.

The new Cowboy Repeater Rifle is also available, combining a rapid rate of fire with pinpoint accuracy. Added to the files is a Snowy Flopper that grants users Icy Feet, along with the Sneaky Snowmando, which disguises you as a snowman and creates an icy blast when destroyed.

120 FPS on new generation consoles

Players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S can now choose to run Fortnite at 120 FPS. To do this, go to the video settings and activate the “120 FPS mode”. Keep in mind that you also need to have a display that supports 120Hz refresh rate and make sure this is enabled on both your monitor and your console.

With this new performance upgrade, it will be interesting to see how Epic tackles platform-based competition in the future. Next-gen users are now much better equipped to take on those on PC, but if competitive Fortnite becomes fully cross-platform, PS4 and Xbox One players will be left behind.

New Cosmetics

As usual, the leakers have discovered a wealth of skins to come. This includes the new Frosty Legends Pack, the Neon Pack, and more. Take a look at the in-game outfits below, courtesy of @HYPEX.

Patch v15.10 certainly didn’t disappoint, and with Season 5 slated for another three months, we can hope Epic will continue to keep things fresh.


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